Pro UK Consultants…Rapidly Growing Events firm,

Birmingham, West Midlands.

We manage venues and set up stunning promotional events for companies to increase their sales, improve their advertising and marketing. We have a formidable workforce and a clear vision of where we want to go.

1st OFFICE: February 2013: Telecommunications and home entertainment, Birmingham
August 2014: Banking and finance, Birmingham
3rd OFFICE: March 2015, Telecommunications, Liverpool
4th OFFICE: August 2015, Cosmetics, Leicester

We set up:

- Student fairs / University events
- Arena events
- Shopping Centre events
- Supermarket events
- High Street events

Meet The Team

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Jameel Paul

The Managing Director, originally from Liverpool, studied Building Surveying at Liverpool John Moores University. However the construction industry was not thriving during his studies so Jameel decided to change his plans and move to London. After just 12 months in London he had acquired skills in business, sales and event promotions, allowing him to open his first company in Birmingham. Jameel is ambitious and wants to have his events firm expanded to over 20 locations in the UK.
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Renu Manjhu

Graduated from Birmingham City University with first class honors, having studied English Language and Media Communication. Renu is the business administrator who is dedicated to managing the finances and recruitment of the company. Her role in the company is huge and will ensure the business can attract the top local talent to allow to company to expand. In her free time she goes horse riding, plays polo and enjoys a few cocktails on the weekend.
<?php echo Samir Hassan

Samir Hassan

Event sales supervisor working with Pro UK Consultants to help the company grow in the telecoms field. He is a top-class sales negotiator managing 3 events in the West Midlands that generate huge capital for the clients. The volume and quality of his sales have been nationally recognised, and he has been asked to conduct sales meetings for over 150 independent sales reps.



We understand your company wants results now! We know you want sales and you want to increase your capital. We find the best sales contractors in the area to do that.


To some of our clients we offer free brand awareness with our package. The most cost effective means to advertise and generate custom is with us!


We recruit and coach top local talent fit for our events team to represent your brand daily. We create leaders that you would be proud of. Fact!

How We Work

Learn about your product and your company, this means we can represent you at an excellent level at our events.

After collating the information, we then plan the event. Manage the venue location, cost and sales strategy.

We now need the events team to represent you, we spend countless hours in a day focusing on attracting only the best professionals for your brand.

Our sales/product training is the best in the UK.
Our top-class sales/events routines are specific and strengthen people’s skills, preparing our team for the big day.

We launch events weekly to constantly expose the product to your target demographic. Our goal is to increase your share in the market and increase your profit margins at our venues.

In the closing stages of the event, we look at the statistics and profit margins. Based on these numbers we decide how successful the event was and make changes if we need to. We will feedback to you all the facts/figures.



Due to rapid growth and huge client demand we are often looking for fresh talent to help us grow the company! We pride ourselves in superior training and develop individuals in many areas, as there are various roles in the company:

- Events
- Marketing
- Recruitment
- Sales / Sales Training
 - Public Speaking
- Presentations
- Negotiations 

Please contact us or send your CV to be reviewed!

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London Business Seminar, Royal Festival Hall
Zoom In
London Business Seminar, Royal Festival Hall

Pro UK Consultants traveled to London's Royal Festival Hall to attend an insightful business seminar.

Palace Hotel 22nd September Client Meeting
Zoom In
Palace Hotel 22nd September Client Meeting

Pro UK Consultants traveled to the Palace Hotel on 22nd September to meet with their clients

Rising star Competition Carden Park,
Zoom In
Rising star Competition Carden Park,

Pro UK Consultants attends the prestigious rising star competition, which was hosted at Chester's Carden Park.

Barcelona Client Meeting, December 2013
Zoom In
Barcelona Client Meeting, December 2013

Pro UK Consultants traveled to Barcelona to spend a weekend learning insightful business approaches, as well as celebrating the firm's achievements.

Barcelona Business Owners Seminar April 2014
Zoom In
Barcelona Business Owners Seminar April 2014

Pro UK Consultants attended the prestigious business owners meeting in Barcelona, which attracted some of Europe's top entrepreneurs and business owners.

Black Tie Event - London Mayfair
Zoom In
Black Tie Event - London Mayfair

Pro UK Consultants was invited to attend the prestigious black tie dinner at London's Mayfair in aid of their contributions to the growth of the direct marketing sector.

Lisbon Business Event, August 2013
Zoom In
Lisbon Business Event, August 2013

Pro UK Consultants traveled from their Birmingham office to Lisbon for an insightful business weekend,

Old Trafford Sales Event, Manchester
Zoom In
Old Trafford Sales Event, Manchester

Entrepreneur Jameel Paul of Pro UK Consultants was confirmed as a leading industry keynote speaker for the Manchester Sales Conference

Sales Event June 2013 at London's Palace Hotel
Zoom In
Sales Event June 2013 at London's Palace Hotel

Pro UK Consultants traveled to London to attend a sales conference which was hosted at London's iconic Palace Theatre, on 16th June 2013


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