Pro UK Consultants is a company owned by former athlete and startup entrepreneur.

The purpose is to help hundreds of companies earn millions of pounds in gross sales, through planning and executing high performing sales events & marketing campaigns. We are located in Birmingham’s Creative Quarter: The Custard Factory, that is home to over 500 businesses. Which is the perfect, innovative environment we need.

Primarily the company works with clients and develops sales/marketing teams across the UK launching event campaigns throughout the year.


Pro UK Consultants Two aims:

We’re all about helping businesses achieve huge profit margins while launching new products using our event marketing platforms. Our aim is to create hundreds of professionals in the field of sales, events and marketing. The specialists we train/develop will allow us to reach more clients and help more people nationwide.

We are an innovative firm and one of the UKs fastest growing sales and marketing specialists. Our environment breeds entrepreneurship, creativity and out the box thinking. No other company in the UK has a dedication to working with their people in the same way we do as we believe in supplying individuals with the tools they need for success.


Find us: The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4AA